At Oral Appliance Experts, our patients look to us for treatment because we are competent, proficient and caring. Dr. Kiser and his highly-trained assistants will make you feel comfortable and safe.

Due to the nature of Snoring, Sleep Apena & Advanced Sleep Appliance Management Procedures, it is vital to have a specialist who is caring, professional and honest. Dr. Kiser is known for his ability to listen to his patients and provide treatment options that will fit all of their needs.

Here is a list of the complete services we provide to our patients for Snoring, Sleep Apnea and Advanced Sleep Appliance Management. Browse the links below to learn more about our services in Mansfield, OH.

– Obstructive Sleep Apnea Treatment
– Snoring Treatment
– Oral Appliance Therapy – Bibliography_v1.0 newest 5-24-12.pdf
– Bruxim/Clenching/Night Guard Therapy
– Coordination of Home Sleep Testing and/or Polysomnography
– Patient Education Sleep Disordered Breathing
– Dental Care and Advanced Dental Care